Strategy workshops and development of detailed concepts

In everyday life, corporate communication is characterized by a high degree of agility, especially when it comes to responding to requests from the media, customers and other stakeholders. On all dialogue channels. But real success is rooted in proactive, strategic planning. This applies to long-term, dramaturgical communication planning as well as to campaigns, projects and events.

We help small and large companies with the systematic development of strategy and detailed concepts and with the successful implementation of individual communication measures on time and on budget. These can be content formats such as podcasts or webinar series, trade fair appearances, company events or roadshows - but also communicative projects such as surveys, dialogue formats, landing pages and topic portals, video channels or case studies.

Benefit from our strategy consulting and let us relieve you of the burden of conceptual work and the efficient implementation of your projects. You can always rely on the fact that every single step, whether it is a basic strategy workshop or the development of detailed concepts and budget planning, is documented in detail and transparently - as a decision-making template and systematic guide for implementation.


Communicative support of changes and mergers

Frequent changes are part of everyday life in business today. The demands of new working worlds and digital transformation, of rapidly growing workforces and relevant topics such as corporate governance, sustainability and diversity are too diverse. And every change needs communicative support. In addition, there are also outstanding changes whose success depends considerably on professional internal as well as external communication:

Company acquisitions and mergers (M&A), initial public offerings (IPO), restructuring, expansion into new markets and entry into new product segments are just some of the prominent examples. At the management level, changes in the board of directors or succession arrangements are regular occasions for change communication - as are transfers of assets to a foundation.

Every change brings with it opportunities and expectations - but also uncertainty and concerns. And it is important to prepare all employees, partners and customers in terms of communication and to accompany them throughout the entire change process. This requires a strategy, a detailed and dramaturgical communication plan, well thought-out processes and elaborated wordings and language rules.

We work with you to develop all the necessary concepts and measures and, if you wish, we can also assume full or partial responsibility for their professional and efficient implementation.


Confident handling of crises and reputational threats

Crisis communication requires quick action, defined processes and clear competencies. In a small or large crisis that threatens the company's existence or reputation, there is no time for lengthy preparations and coordination. However, since coordinated action, access to tried-and-tested guidelines and undisputed responsibilities are crucial to success, it is advisable for companies of all sizes to develop a communications strategy for crises. Mostly this is omitted in the daily hectic and workload. Or developed strategies are not subjected to a real stress test, are reviewed too seldom and are insufficiently transferred into firmly anchored, binding processes.

Crises have many faces and board members, managing directors and business personalities are also personally threatened by them. This is where legal communication, so-called litigation PR, often comes into play.

A common misconception is that only large corporations in sensitive industries such as aviation, energy, chemicals and food - or top CEOs of listed companies - need a professional crisis communication strategy. Even for a small start-up, however, there are potentially existence-threatening crises and even the smallest accusation aimed at reputation and corporate governance can trigger a shitstorm, the damage of which is considerable and is exacerbated by unfortunate communication.

We help you with crisis communication and legal communication! From a screening and appraisal of your existing structures to the systematic analysis of potential crisis topics to the development of a certifiable strategy including all accompanying processes and documents.

And if the worst-case scenario does occur beforehand, we can provide you with discreet and efficient emergency communications support on an ad-hoc basis. Because then every hour counts.


Professional training for confident appearances in front of camera and microphone

Not only appearances on talk shows or TV and radio interviews pose challenges for speakers and managers of companies and institutions. More and more events are being broadcast live on the Internet and internal communication with employees or dialogue with customers, partners and investors is also increasingly taking place online. In addition, there are popular content formats such as webinars and podcasts.

In Zeiten von In times of social media, the shyness in front of camera and microphone has decreased for years. But especially for board members and managing directors who are used to convincing people of strategies and captivating them on stage or in the meeting room, it is crucial to address the audience confidently in media appearances or online formats. It doesn't matter if you're doing a TV studio appearance, a podcast interview, or a keynote at an online or hybrid event.

Entrepreneurial personalities struggle less with stage fright than with the lack of a feedback channel, the reactions of the auditorium. They do not develop a positive relationship with the camera and microphone, as they are often dissatisfied with journalists' questions and their own answers in interview scenarios and do not find themselves convincingly reflected in picture and sound.

Our media training and coaching starts at two crucial points: The professional camera and microphone training in a real studio with very real stress situations and challenges in "red light". And the coaching for the right preparation for all kinds of media appearances. A kind of secret "check list" that even and especially the most experienced media professionals, actors and artists use.

The training and coaching can also take place on your premises by arrangement. However, we always pay attention to an authentic setup. And a discreet and trusting atmosphere that also allows board members and entrepreneurs to get involved in the realistic and challenging scenario and work on their camera and microphone presence. A day or weekend with great impact and a lasting sense of achievement. Ein Tag oder Wochenende mit großer Wirkung und nachhaltigen Erfolgserlebnissen.


Communication for board members, managing directors and entrepreneurs

In times of social media, more and more executives are asking themselves about their own visibility. Should they primarily appear in the name of the company or be perceived as a manager brand themselves? Experience has shown that opportunities and risks lie close together. However, it should be indisputable that a CEO, a managing director and entrepreneurs can and must make a very valuable contribution to the reputation of their company and to conveying the company's image. By mandate, they are the "chief corporate storytellers".

As is true for all communication measures and channels, one should not only communicate opportunistically. The decision of C-level managers to regularly seek visibility beyond representing their company is a very far-reaching one. The bar is set high for professionally playing on social platforms and profitably balancing the persona brand with corporate interests. A case for communication professionals as coaches, sparring partners and confidants.

Especially for CEO communication, a long-term personal strategy is indispensable and there are good reasons why more and more international corporations are establishing a dedicated role for this communication task. With Oliver Schwartz's many years of experience in communications consulting for executive boards and entrepreneurs, we stand by your side and work with you to develop your own personal communications strategies and identify the ideal channels and formats for them.


Optimization of team structures and interim management

Not only start-ups and small companies are faced with the challenge of setting up and expanding their corporate communications and corresponding team structures. In the process, decisions are often made on a situational basis that have effects that last for years and can turn out to be a mistake in retrospect. This also applies to the decision for external support and the search for the right agencies.

We help you to develop an efficient, tailor-made concept for the establishment and expansion of your communications structures and advise you on the search for personnel, the selection of agencies and the introduction of forward-looking working methods and measurable success criteria. This helps you to set the course in good time and avoid expensive mistakes, so that your company's success does not fail due to structural problems and limitations in the communications team.

Such an expert review and the development of a professional concept for the adjustment and optimization of structures is also worthwhile for established companies, medium-sized businesses and corporations. In certain cases, we also offer the interim takeover of management functions or the temporary operation of an external press office and communications department.

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